Six air conditioned rooms are available on chargeable basis. Rooms are subject to availability.

 Gathdi Ghar

Facility is available on chargeable basis.


Every day, free langar is served between 12 noon to 10 pm in the Langar Hall.

For all the above facilities, you may contact the Manager/Sewadar.


 Langar’s (free community food) pure-vegetarian satvik food is Guru’s blessings
(Prasad) for all the disciples.

Please accept Langar with humility, respect and gratefulness for the Guru.
Remove your shoes, cover your head, wash your hands and recite “Satnam”, before consuming the Langar food.

 Langar is distributed without any

Please sit down, accept Langar only as much you can consume. Do not waste the food or leave with leftovers in your plate.

 If you wish to take some prasad along with you, please wait till all present Sadh
Sangat(disciples) in the hall have been served. Sevadars have been advised to refuse
distribution of prasad for taking it away before this time; please cooperate.

Later, you may check to see if there is prasad available to take home with you. On Sundays, you can check at 3.00 pm.

 Outside food is not allowed in the Langar Hall.

Please do not bring any articles of cooked or raw food along with you Persons carrying tobacco, liquor, intoxicants, or anyone who is improperly, or shabbily dressed, or those who are in an inebriated state, shall be forbidden from entering the premises.

The managing committee of Guru Ghar may rightfully serve Langar to any objectionable or suspicious person at an alternative/appropriate place, to maintain the maryada (sanctity) of the Gurudwara.

By Order: Gurudwara Managing Committee


Please ensure you are modestly attired, so that you can comfortably sit on a carpeted floor. Remove your footwear, cover your head (covering clothes are available), wash your hands, and put your phones on silent mode before entering darbar hall. Please do not carry any cigarette /tobacco along, and make sure you’re not under the influence of alcohol or drug.


Please maintain silence. You may recite “Satnam Waheguru, Satnam Waheguru” for peace, prosperity and Gurus Saheb’s blessings.

Anyone likely to cause disrespects to the Guru, or being a nuisance within or around its premises, may be refrained to enter the premises.


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